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What is better, rhinestones set with rims or glue?
There is alot of controversy as to the application of rhinestones. There are some positives and negatives to both glue and metal set stones.

Rim Sets:

Pros: hold pretty well and stand up to rubbing and wear. Also can be put on smooth surfaces like lamb.
Cons: rims cover a large amount of the stone reducing the amount of light refracted by the crystal- therefore reducing sparkle. Rim sets also rust over time and repeated washings. Most are made of cheap metals that will damage and streak rust on your garment after repeated washings. Rim sets are also not impervious from being ripped off. You can still rip off the stone and setting. You will probably remove a small amount of the material or leather if this happens.
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All of the stone is visible so maximum sparkle is achieved. Makes for easy stone application, therefore reducing labor costs for your garment. If a professional adhesive is used glue will stand up to machine washing and dry cleaning.
Cons: rubbing and rough wear can make you loose stones. It is also difficult to get them to stay on smooth surfaces like lambskin. (if the leather is “roughed up” first there is a much better chance of adhesion.)

What do you use to apply rhinestones?
I use glue for the most part. I have a professional epoxy product that adheres to almost anything. It stands up to machine washing and dry cleaning. Even repeated washings. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule- you still can loose a few. I am however very confident in the product and stand behind it. If you happen to loose any they can be reattached with E6000 glue. It is available at most craft stores or Home Depot. Just allow it to dry overnight before storing or wearing your garment.

Will your dyed jeans and blouses just fade?
Since the fabric mostly used for these applications is cotton it is subject to fading like a brightly colored T-shirt. Of course this depends on how the garment is cared for. Take care not to wash it excessively and store it out of sunlight. The dye I use is a professional product it is very effective and remains bright. It should maintain its color and brightness quite well if cared for properly.

What are your appliqués made of?
I use lambskin, light weight cowhide, and ultrasuede most often. I sometimes use beads and sequins as well. The garment should list the materials with it’s description.

How should I care for my leather applique garments?
All of my garments have internal care tags and the hang tag has care instructions as well. General: If the appliqués are ultrasuede the garment is probably washable. Hand washing is recommended to maintain color, and embellishments the best. Some washing machine agitators can damage appliqués so it is best not to take a chance. If your garment has lambskin or metallic lamb appliqués, it should be dry cleaned. I suggest for professional leather care. This also goes for full leather garments. If you would rather work with your local dry cleaner, keep in mind you often get what you pay for. Dry cleaning when done improperly can ruin your garment. Some of the chemicals can be very harsh and corrosive which can destroy your outfit.. Do your homework first: ask around as to who other show people take their garments, ask questions about who has done a good job at your workplace and talk to the cleaner about your concerns before you surrender your garment. Show clothing can be expensive, cutting corners on care doesn’t make allot of sense.

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