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Blue Ridge Rags
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Blue Ridge Rags
26075 Little Rocky Terrace
Aldie, VA 20105
Tel: 910-987-6955

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Blue Ridge Rags
About Us

Blue Ridge Rags

Welcome to Blue Ridge Rags. I own the business, my name is Brooke Lange and I am 26. I do all of the designing for our store, as well as hand painting, and dying on all the garments. If you call or email, no doubt you will be talking to me. I handle all of the customer service, which is actually quite fun. It is a real treat to meet so many talented horse women and aspiring rodeo queens. One of the key forces in the business is Vera Johnson. She is my partner of sorts. Vera is a master seamstress, and very good at telling me when something doesn’t look good! I keep her hopping with new ideas and sketches. Together we make and market all of the garments.

How did we start? I have been designing and creating garments for myself to wear since I was small. Blue Ridge Rags started when I was showing my horses (R Prescriptions Reddy, & Lady Hoston Hit Time- who I still show in APHA shows). I was making my own clothes for western events, which got allot of attention. People wanted to know where I got them, and where they could get some. So, I started making clothes and selling them on a small scale. Eventually I was having so much fun, that I started a website. We have been going strong ever since!

Blue Ridge RagsWhy the name Blue Ridge Rags? After many names were thrown around we decided that Blue Ridge Rags was the best one. It combined something that North Carolina is known for: The Blue Ridge Mountains, and a fun play on words. The Rags portion of the name is based on the 1920’s, where glad rags were someone’s best evening clothes. The dresses of the time, were usually beaded and fringed- a great description to our western garments! Not to mention it was easy to remember, and not even close to any competitors names.

Upcoming News. Keep an eye out, we are beginning to sell wholesale to several shops in the US. Some will not have our tags, as we are doing them exclusively for that store, but they will have out signature wild colors and dyed effects. Keep an eye out for Susan at Show Diva Designs on the road at the NSBA and the Reichert! I think you will be impressed with the lineup.

Blue Ridge Rags
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